Mar 27 2012

Support Your Local Mutants, Buy X-Men Toys

Two ways to suppport your local mutants, as it says on Huh? X-Men action figures, dude!

You have a choice of “modern X-Men” or “classic X-Men” from the classic Giant Size X-Men era. And by classic, we mean old. (Apologies to Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.)

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Modern X-Men, 7 piece play set

Giant Size X-Men Action Figure Collection Set, 6 figures including Wolverine

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Jan 13 2011

Hulk Think Entertainment Media Not Get Hulk

Here are DaddyTips, we sometimes turn our blog over to those with different points of view. The views expressed in this post may or may not reflect the views of Brett Singer, the founder of If you would like to be DaddyTips guest blogger, please contact us by email at daddy AT daddytips dot com.

And now, The Incredible Hulk:


Hulk like Internet. Hulk enjoy sharing views with others. Hulk still believe that best way to make two people of one mind is to smash heads together, but Hulk mellowing in Hulk’s later years.

So Hulk shake head when Hulk read stupid article on puny website. First, even Hulk know that E! is not a word. Stupid puny humans. Hulk grammar less than perfect at times, but Hulk is Hulk. Hulk not known for witty repartee. Hulk never accused of being journalist! So when Hulk see debate about Hunky Stars of Hulk movies (which Hulk think not show best side of Hulk, but that another topic) and who would win in fight, Hulk get mad. Not as mad as Hulk used to get; Hulk working on anger management. Hulk live for today. Still, Hulk feel need to point out that Hulk is Hulk. Banner is Banner. Puny Banner! Does stupid writer think Hulk would call Banner puny Banner if Banner not puny? Does stupid writer think Hulk stupid? Hulk not stupid! If writer saying Hulk stupid, Hulk smash!

OK. OK. Hulk take breath now. Hulk find deep breathing to be effective form of calming Hulk when Hulk angry. Hulk strongest one there is. But Hulk know that Hulk need to be more careful. Hulk learn hard way that coffee tables don’t grow on trees.

So Hulk leave you with this. Hulk want to make sure people know that HULK NOT BANNER and BANNER NOT HULK. Banner is Banner (puny). Hulk is Hulk (not puny; also strongest one there is). Hulk not concerned about hunkiness; Hulk does think Hulk handsome in rugged, purple-pants wearing way.

Leave comment if agree with Hulk. If not agree, leave comment anyway. Hulk promise not to smash.


Thank you, Hulk. You are welcome anytime.

The Hulk Smashdown: Which Hunky Star Would Win in a Fight? – E! Online