Apr 28 2013

Superhero Animation On Demand

As promised, here is a list of Superhero Animation that you can watch on demand. Some notes/comments/caveats:

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– Most recent update: April 30, 2013

– All are available via Netflix unless otherwise indicated.

– Titles listed may suddenly become unavailable… or even better, new titles may show up. Such as Batman Beyond and Justice League which are now on Netflix. The greatness of this fact cannot be overstated.

– This page may be updated when new shows are added. I’m also going to make a different page for live action superhero programming. Because I’m cool like that. And I have a Geek Gold Card.

– This may shock some of you, but I have something to say about every single one of these shows. Therefore I will write posts for each entry as time permits. Check back for updates.

Without further ado, here is the list. If you know of anything I missed, leave a comment or contact me directly. This is important stuff, folks. Read more »

Mar 31 2013

Batman Beyond and Justice League Now on Netflix

Two of the best superhero cartoons ever are now available on NetflixBatman Beyond and Justice League.

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I’m futzing around on Twitter and I see this from IGN’s Joey Esposito:


So I tweets to Joey, I says, what Justice League cartoons? You mean these Justice League cartoons? Probably my favorite superhero cartoon ever? And he’s like, yeah. Netflix streaming. Batman Beyond too. I’m all, whoah. And he’s like…

OK, I can’t keep that going any more. Bottom line — if you have Netflix, you can watch Justice League, Justice League Unlimited and Batman Beyond on demand. Why aren’t you doing that right now?

h/t @JoeyEsposito

Feb 01 2013

Obligatory Reminder That I’m Old

And a chance to mention Superman yet again.

It’s been 35 years since Superman The Movie


If I may be permitted to mix my Marvel with my DC — ’nuff said.

Well, one more thing. Here’s the trailer from Christopher Reeve’s first Superman film. It’s brings a wonderfully nerdy tear to my eye.

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via 10 Things Worth Noticing in the New MAN OF STEEL Trailer | Newsarama.com.

Feb 01 2013

Breaking News: Kids Like Superman Toys

Also adults. Although we don’t always admit it.

Newsarama.com : MAN OF STEEL Product Licenses Outpacing SUPERMAN RETURNS.

Dec 13 2012

New Man of Steel Trailer

Here you go. The new Man of Steel trailer. Aka The New Superman Movie.

There’s a lot of parenty stuff I could say about it. I will one of these days. For now, some thoughts.

Topless Robot’s Chris Cummins asks some good general questions: “Do you want an angsty bearded Superman? At some point in the film will he throw on Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures and sulk? Will Lois Lane be moonlighting at Hot Topic in the movie?”

I had to look up the Joy Division reference. Here’s the album via YouTube. Read more »

May 12 2012

New Green Arrow TV Show Drops Green, Keeps Arrow

'Arrow' on the CW — Green or not?

Is this Green Arrow? Or just Arrow?

Possible good news for those of us who miss having a live action superhero TV show to watch. The CW, the network formerly known as WB and once the airer of the not-quite-Superman series ‘Smallville’, has picked up the pilot for ‘Arrow’, which features a main character not entirely unlike Green Arrow. We know that he’s an archer named Oliver Queen who fights crime using a bow and feathered shafts he stores in a quiver. What’s not clear to me is whether or not he’s green. Read more »

Jan 09 2012

Superman, not Superdad

Superman as Jimmy Olsen's dad

A SuperDAD, he is not

This was posted at the site SuperDickery.com under the headline Superman vs. Father’s Day, with the subtle subtitle Superman Is A Dick. Read more »