Sep 07 2012

Bow To Your Soccerbot Overlords, Eventually

Among the many things our children will likely see in their lifetimes is fully functioning robots that can do more than simply clean our floors. Whether or not we parents will see such things depends upon both the pace of technology and how old we are. I’m old enough to be in the “maybe, maybe not” category.

According to this video from TheVerge of RoboCup 2012, I’m leaning towards “maybe not” for me being forced to fight the T-1000. The video features “the world’s best soccer robots [battling] it out in Mexico City for the Louis Vuitton Best Humanoid trophy”.

Best Humanoid Trophy. Kind of Orwellian, no?

Here’s the video.


Video: Real steel: the broken necks and baby steps of RoboCup 2012 (video) | The Verge.

Jul 22 2012

Cool Binder Clip Tricks (Tips)

Always fun to get tips on using objects in ways other than they were intended to be used. Of these 10 cool binder clip tricks (via LifeHacker), I’ve done the following:

– Smartphone stand: I keep a binder clip or two in each of my various bags just in case I need to prop up my cellphone on a plane or in a Starbucks. Makes watching video or reading an article a more hands-free experience.

Here’s a video that seems to be the way I do it.


More binder clip tips (that rhymes!) after the jump.

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Jul 02 2012

No Flash On New Android Versions? Why? (Off-Topic)

DaddyTips Rant

Excuse me whilst I go off-topic for a moment to discuss the fact that Adobe has decreed that they will not be making a new version of Flash for new versions of Android. This is… frustrating.

I’ve wanted an Android Tablet for a long time. A big reason is because I want to be able to use my Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited subscription on it. Read more »

Jun 04 2012

New Hybrid Laptop From Asus

This looks cool — the new Asus Taichi, a new laptop-tablet hybrid. Gizmodo calls it the technological equivalent of a mullet. I’m not sure if they mean that as a good thing or a bad thing.

For those who can’t decide between an ultrabook’s handy QWERTY keyboard, and a slim tablet’s touchscreen UI, Asus has just revealed a hybrid, double-duty display solution. Wait a second: Business in front, party in the back? That sounds awfully familiar.

Emphasis added. Sorry.

via Gizmodo, Asus Taichi: Ultrabook in Front, Tablet in the Back

Dec 12 2011

Get Photos And Videos Off Your iPad 2 [Tips]

iPad 2

I am iHole, hear me roar

The iPad 2 is a very nifty device, and is a genuine upgrade to the original iPad. Not only is it thinner and more powerful, it has cameras. But how do you get photos and videos off of your iPad 2? It’s not hard, but it’s not as obvious as it should be. DaddyTips will show you how. I am iHole, hear me roar. Read more »

Dec 06 2011

10 Android Apps For 10 Cents Each [DaddyDeal]

This DaddyDeal is a good one — Google is celebrating 10 billion downloads by offering 10 Android Apps for 10 cents each. Read more »

Jul 27 2011

Save $100 On Lenovo G570 Notebook [DaddyDeals]

Lenovo G570

Here’s a DaddyDeal for you — save $100 on a Lenovo G570 Notebook. Read on.

When IBM sold their laptop business to Lenovo, I cried. Well, I didn’t cry. But I was concerned. Would the great Thinkpad still be great? Read more »