Jul 21 2012

James Holmes’ Father Goes To Colorado, and Reflections on TV News, TMZ, and Kids Doing Journalism

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James Holmes, the man accused of shooting dozens of people at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises, will get a visit from his father.

From where did I get this news? TMZ.

Yes, that TMZ. Weird Al did a song parody of Taylor Swift’s ‘You Belong With Me’ called ‘TMZ’ on his recent album Alpocalypse. Whenever I hear “TMZ”, I think of that song. (This is why there’s a Weird Al video at the top of this post.) I certainly don’t think “trenchant news reporting”. So I was surprised to find that this particular TMZ broadcast did a nice job of reporting on the Colorado shooting.

Here are some of my thoughts about the awful event in Colorado, how it was covered in the media, and kids practicing the ancient art of journalism from their bedrooms.  Read more »

May 25 2012

Dad Night on America’s Got Talent

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Finally got to watch Howard Stern on America’s Got Talent. Big highlight? Howard’s dad, Ben Stern. There were lots of other dad-oriented moments. Here are the ones I can remember, along with video clips from the show.

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Mar 23 2012

Why Are We Still Debating The Benefits of Bilingualism?

Speaking Klingon does not count as a second language.

I’m not going to bother reading this New York Times essay titled The Benefits of Bilingualism.

Why not? First of all, I’m busy. Second, I’d rather write this post and I really am kinda busy right now. Third, and most important, I truly cannot believe that there are people in the world who don’t understand that it is a good idea to know how to speak more than one language. (And Klingon doesn’t count. Sorry.) Read more »

Dec 06 2011

Kourtney Kardashian and ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Bitter Twitter Battle

DaddyTips Rant

Kourtney Kardashian and ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham engaged in a Bitter Twitter Battle recently. This may be a sign that the end of the world is nigh. We also think it’s tacky. Read more »

Apr 04 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Actually The Governator

Political Power Arnold Schwarzenegger comic

Arnold Schwarzenegger is actually The Governator. No, not just his nickname. An animated character.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing a cartoon where he plays a character called The Governator.


Real news is sounding too much like The Onion.

Quotes from Ah-nuld: Read more »

Oct 26 2010

Young Justice Cartoon Will Air November 26

The new Young Justice cartoon will air November 26, according to a report from New York Comic Con on Poptimal.

We’re always excited about any new superhero cartoon. For some reason, it was hard to find an exact date anywhere online. But we did — Cartoon Network will air a one-hour premiere of Young Justice on November 26, 2010. The series starts up for real in Spring of 2011. Which isn’t specific enough for my taste, but whatever.

What is Young Justice? It’s kind of like Teen Titans, but different. You’ll see the young heroes/sidekicks like Robin and Speedy, but some things will be different. UGO.com says that the Young Justice cartoon will “reboot the reboots“, which could be OK as long as it’s not “Infinitely Finally The Last Crisis Ever No Really We Mean It” type of nonsense.

For those who want even more background on Young Justice, it all started with comics, as usual. There were some issues written by Peter David (one of my favorite comics writers), and there are trade paperbacks although some, such as Young Justice: Sins of Youth, are out of print. Then there is the 2-issue miniseries JLA: WORLD WITHOUT GROWN-UPS, which is being reprinted as a plain ol’ overpriced comic book under the title DC Comics Presents Young Justice #1. My guess is that there will be more of these reprints leading up to the premiere on November 26; hopefully they will reprint the Peter David issues, because I like his writing. And let’s face it, it’s all about my needs.

Here’s the official video preview with the Young Justice cartoon producers Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman discussing the characters.

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And here is five minutes of slightly shaky Young Justice footage from a New York Comic Con panel.

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Poptimal also has video of the producers discussing the show.

What do you think? Looks good? Gonna watch? Read the comics? Let us know!

NY Comic-Con 2010: Young Justice Preview : Poptimal.com

Oct 18 2010

New Incredible Hulk TV show has us asking why

There will be a new Incredible Hulk TV show. The question is, why?

This is live-action, not animated.

I loved the old show when I was a kid. But, as I explained to my son when I showed it to him and he looked at me like I was asking him to ingest a weasel on a bun, this was back when we only had three or four channels. And very few of those channels featured super-heroes on a regular basis.

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I watched the pilot of the old Bixby/Ferigno Hulk recently. It was fun, although the series is very much of it’s time, which is the 70’s. BIG pants. BIG hair. And for Ferigno as Hulk, BIG eyebrows.

One observation worth noting is that having a real person playing the Hulk makes it feel more real. Sure, you can do more with CGI. But Ferigno, as silly as he looked in that green body paint, managed to convey the idea that he was an actual living thing struggling to figure out what the hell to do in a world that hates and fears him.

That’s significantly more thought than I ever gave the show when it was actually on the air, however. Mostly I wanted to see something, ANYTHING that had to do with super-heroes.

In retrospect, the old Hulk TV show was only slightly related to the comic book. Yes, he turns into the Hulk. But this Hulk doesn’t talk. There’s no Betty, at least not that I can remember. There’s no Rick Jones. (Although there’s no Rick in either of the two movies. Why TV people not like Rick? Rick Hulk’s friend! Hulk smash people who cut Rick Jones out of Hulk storyline!)

Something else I noticed when I saw the show recently: with limited special effects and no supervillians, they had to rely on, you know, dialogue and stuff. Remember why David Banner (not Bruce, his name in the comics) got hit with too much gamma radiation? Because some technician in the office was tinkering with the equipment, and he didn’t mark the dial correctly. In other words, Banner thought the machine went to 11, but it really went to 11,000. (Puny Banner. Thinks he smart. He not smart. He stupid. Hulk smash puny Banner!)

It should be noted that I will absolutely be watching this new Hulk TV show, should it ever actually see the light of day. Hopefully it will be at least good enough for me to watch with the kids. Even if it’s not, we’ll probably stick it out for a few episodes. Why? Because it’s the Hulk, dammit.

Frankly, it can’t be worse than The Incredible Hulk Returns, which featured Thor and Daredevil.

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Well, it shouldn’t be worse than that. In theory.

New Incredible Hulk show! Hulk smash original concept! TV be more like 1970s now! That last good decade for idea, apparently! | TV | Newswire | The A.V. Club.