Jul 20 2012

Colorado Shooting Not About Midnight Movies

I have a request. Please stop talking about taking kids to midnight movies in relation to the horrible Colorado shooting.

I’m saying please.

This isn’t directed at anyone in particular. And of course by writing this I am doing exactly what I’m asking others not to do.

My point is that while it does seem like a bad idea to take very young children to a midnight movie, especially one like The Dark Knight Rises, which in my opinion is not a kid-friendly superhero movie the way The Avengers is, that just isn’t a fair topic to bring up right now. People have been killed. Many more have been wounded. Take a breath and stop thinking about this awful occurrence as something that has anything to do with superhero movies.

I’m not even sure this is a good time to discuss guns. I’m serious. Is it really such a bad idea to let the victims have a couple of days of mourning before everyone uses this horrible event as a jumping off point to discuss, well, anything?

I’m not talking about censorship. I’m talking about restraint.

May 24 2011

DaddyTips Tuesday Link Roundup [Show and Tell]

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Jan 11 2009

Heath Ledger Wins Golden Globe

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Aug 12 2008

Batman versus Titanic

Batman will crush Titanic. You\'ll see.Seems like everyone is very concerned that ‘The Dark Knight’ doesn’t sink ‘Titanic’ (pun intended). This article from Reuters is one of many that seems to think that the latest Batman film will not break James Cameron’s watery smash-hit, even though ‘Dark Knight’ has taken in over $400 million in four weeks.

Why so negative? I’ll tell you why: tights and capes.
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Jul 21 2008

The Dark Knight – Kids Edition

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From WizardUniverse.com, a kiddie version of the latest Batman film.