Oct 29 2013

New Dirty Sock Funtime Band Album Out Now

The Dirty Sock Funtime Band has a new album out now. You should go buy it because it’s really good.

The Dirty Socks Come Clean - New album from The Dirty Sock Funtime Band!

New album from The Dirty Sock Funtime Band!

Full disclosure: we’ve known The Dirty Sock Funtime Band members for awhile. But I have no problem recommending their music because it’s very, very good. If Frank Zappa made kids music, it might sound a little like the Dirty Socks.

That’s not a pejorative, by the way. This may technically be kids music, but it’s more like kid-friendly music. I’ve been walking around singing National Hiccup Day since I first listened to the CD. It’s catchy. (Like hiccups. Get it? Couldn’t resist.)

Here’s the official tweet from the band announcing the album’s release:

Check out their Twitter feed @TheDirtySocks for photos, updates, and fun stuff like Mr. Clown showing up at a classroom in New York City to hand out CDs!

Here are some tracks from the new album, The Dirty Socks Come Clean.

We’ll write more soon. For now we wanted to make sure everybody knows that the new album is available.

For more Dirty Sock goodness, visit their website, check ’em out on the Facebook, the Twitter, and the YouTubes.

Jul 19 2013

It’s Really Hot

In case you haven’t heard, it’s very hot outside. When it gets this hot, I think of The Dirty Sock Funtime Band song Magick Fire, because it includes the lyric “it’s really hot.”

Strangely, I had forgotten another Dirty Socks tune, I’m Hot, despite the fact that the word hot is in the title.

Both of these songs are available on the album Mr. Clown and the Day the Sun Got Wet. Which at the moment sounds like a very good idea. Soaking the sun I mean. It’s probably a bad idea in reality, if it’s even possible to get the sun wet. I don’t know. I’m a writer not a physicist.

I’m rambling.

Did I mention it was really hot?

Stay cool, everyone. Literally and figuratively.

Jun 11 2013

Baby Spy With A Jetpack is Cute (Dirty Sock Funtime Band)

The Dirty Sock Funtime Band brings us this cute picture of a Baby Spy with a jetpack. Check it out:

Right? Cute kid, and well-done costume. We particularly like the flames.

For the uninitiated, The Dirty Sock Funtime Band has been described (by me) as the Frank Zappa of the children’s music scene. (It may be tacky to quote yourself, it does make for easy fact-checking.) You may have seen them on Jack’s Big Music Show, or heard their tunes at Chuck E. Cheese.

Here is the video for the Dirty Socks’ song Baby Spies, which inspired the cute photo above.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

If you like that — and why wouldn’t you, it’s great — you should check out the band’s RocketHub campaign for their new album, The Dirty Socks Come Clean. There a variety of ways you can “Join The Band” (not literally) while getting some cool stuff, such as a signed poster, t-shirts, and an early download of the new album. Learn more here.

via @TheDirtySocks

RocketHub link

Shop Dirty Sock Funtime Band albums

May 12 2013

Mama’s Song (Official Video) – The Dirty Sock Funtime Band

In honor of Mother’s Day, DaddyTips Featured Video is a new one from The Dirty Sock Funtime Band — Mama’s Song.

Here’s an explanation from the band’s official YouTube page:

Over the last few months we’ve asked families to share photos of mom with her loved ones and received over a HUNDRED AND FIFTY wonderful photos, proudly featured in our music video for “Mama’s Song”.

FYI, “Mama’s Song” is on The Spin Cycle EP. Buy it here.

Mama’s Song (Official Video) – The Dirty Sock Funtime Band – YouTube.

You should also buy the other Dirty Sock Funtime Band albums because they are awesome. Links below.

And oh yeah — Happy Mother’s Day!