Jan 06 2015

The World is Doomed, Part 984

Once again, proof that the world is doomed. This is a “Hot Network Question” on StackExchange.com:

How do centaurs get enough to live?

I found it here. The answer is fairly simple: CENTAURS DON’T EXIST.

Except on this car commercial. WHICH ISN’T REAL.

To be fair, the current list toppers are Drawing an histogram from a bash command output (that’s a Unix-thing I think) and How would plants be affected by a 48 hour day? which in my opinion is an interesting question. Consider: what if we find a planet that has 48 hour days? Could the plants that we grow on Earth survive there?

But seriously folks. Centaurs? C’mon. Let’s step up our game for 2015.


Jan 05 2009

Twitter Of The Famous Accounts Hacked

A bunch of famous people's Twitter accounts got hackedMaybe John McCain was right — Obama does have something in common with Britney Spears.

CNN is reporting that some celebs’ Twitter account for hacked. False and malicious tweeting followed, including: Read more »