Dec 08 2010

Original Tron Not Available on DVD?

How is the original Tron not available on DVD? Seriously, how is this possible?

Amazon has used copies going for over a hundred dollars. Or there’s the VHS version — for 40 bucks.

Are you kidding me?

Tron Legacy opens on December 17. Me and the boys are excited to see it. As a completist type of dad, I want them to see the original Tron before they see Tron Legacy.

So I go on Netflix. They don’t have it. It’s in my “saved queue.” Because the DVD is out of print.

Which is stupid. Because if there were ever a time you could sell a boatload of those things, it’s before the sequel hits theaters.

But noooo. No DVD. No streaming. No on-demand. Nada. Zip. Zilch.


Here’s the original Tron trailer from 1982. That’ll have to do, I suppose.