Sep 01 2011

iPad 2 And Accessories at Walmart [DaddyDeals]

Admit it. You either have an iPad 2 or you want an iPad 2. And once you become an iHole like the rest of us, you will need iPad 2 accessories. Walmart has all of the stuff you want at a good price. Read on for some DaddyDeals.

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Aug 31 2011

Pre-Order Madden 12 at Walmart [DaddyDeals]


It’s almost time for real NFL football. That also means it’s time for fake NFL football. More specifically, time for Madden 12, the latest edition of the mega-popular sports video game franchise. Walmart has Madden 12 available for pre-order, and you also get some other goodies, like 20 dollar gift cards (with some versions). Read on for the DaddyDeals.

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