Mar 19 2016

Old Spring Break Photos Make Me Feel Old

Whoo-hoo! Spring break! Party hearty! Right? Yeah, not so much anymore, at least not for me. Personally I was never a big “go nuts during spring break” guy, but I know other people are, and were.

South Beach- Spring Break

South Beach- Spring Break (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Note: I’m using the photo above because it’s free to use. I don’t know the person in the pic.)

Anyway, I was checking the weather on (as one does) and came across this photo gallery of what at first looked like really old photos. Then I realized the gallery starts in the 1980s. Then I realized that the 1980s weren’t exactly last Tuesday.

Anyway, there are 109 pics. I didn’t look at all of them, but I definitely recommend you check out at least the first few. They are VERY 80s.

Though the idea may conjure images of bikini-clad 20-somethings and beer pong contests, springtime hedonism isn’t a new thing.

Source: Wild Photos of Spring Break Partiers Through the Decades | The Weather Channel

Jul 30 2013

Fear Of Not Waking Up On Time

Does anyone else have this? A fear of not waking up on time? I do.

At the moment I’m setting three alarms to ensure I get the hell out of bed in time to get people ready to go where they need to go. For some reason I’ve been more neurotic about waking up this summer than I have in previous years. Read more »

Jul 19 2013

It’s Really Hot

In case you haven’t heard, it’s very hot outside. When it gets this hot, I think of The Dirty Sock Funtime Band song Magick Fire, because it includes the lyric “it’s really hot.”

Strangely, I had forgotten another Dirty Socks tune, I’m Hot, despite the fact that the word hot is in the title.

Both of these songs are available on the album Mr. Clown and the Day the Sun Got Wet. Which at the moment sounds like a very good idea. Soaking the sun I mean. It’s probably a bad idea in reality, if it’s even possible to get the sun wet. I don’t know. I’m a writer not a physicist.

I’m rambling.

Did I mention it was really hot?

Stay cool, everyone. Literally and figuratively.

Jan 03 2012

Getting Kids Out The Door When Its Really Cold

The Snowy Day 50th Anniversary

Parents know that getting kids out the door when it’s really cold outside is tricky. Now that winter is truly upon us, here are some tips to help you out. Read more »