May 27 2009

Weekly Stack – Static Shock, Batman, More

This week: a long-awaited (by some) reprint comes back, more Batman stuff, and a Teen Titans “aftermath” that no one really needed.

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May 19 2009

Weekly Stack – 5-20-09

19 books, which is too close to 20 for my taste. I added a couple that I shouldn’t have. Big title of the week: Herogasm, a mini series with characters from Garth Ennis’ The Boys. Here’s the stack this week: Read more »

May 06 2009

Weekly Stack – 5/6/09

Managed to resist a few things this week, including a new New Mutants series. And some of these are one-shots, so at least I won’t feel a need to pick up issue #2. Hence the term “one-shot.” Read more »

Apr 29 2009

Weekly Stack – 4-29-09

Creeping back up to a larger stack this week. Need to get some of the crud off of the pull list. Read more »

Apr 20 2009

Weekly Stack – 4-22-09

This is one of those weeks where, as I’m making the list, I say, “Another light week. That’s strange. The last couple of weeks were light as well.” Then I get the total and I say, “Huh? Can I cut anything? Oh. Well… yeah. No. Shoot.” Read more »

Apr 14 2009

Weekly Stack – 4-15-09

Another light week! Hot damn. Read more »

Apr 07 2009

Weekly Stack – 4-8-09

Preamble: Very light week. Which is good because last week was exactly the opposite.

Dad’s stack:

Batman Battle For The Cowl #2: So far there’s no “battle” for the right to be Batman, and I’m not sure if there will be. Sort of like DC’s Final Crisis seemed to be neither Final, nor much of a Crisis. Discuss. Read more »