Jun 03 2010

Brave and the Bold Wii Game Looks Bat-tastic

The Batman: The Brave and the Bold Wii game looks like it will be, dare we say, bat-tastic. Bat-tacular, even.

Look. It’s a video game for the Wii in which you get to play as various characters from the insanely awesome Cartoon Network series “Batman: The Brave and the Bold.” From the video, the Wii game looks like the cartoon. What could be bad?

The dorky video voice over guy says that the game will arrive in September of 2010, but Amazon says the release date is October 26, 2010. That’s early enough for Chanukah, so I’m good.

via Topless Robot – Batman: The Brave and the Beat-‘Em-Up

Feb 22 2010

Winter Olympics Video Games [Wii Curling and More]


Loving the Winter Olympics? Think you can’t participate? For shame! You can be an Olympic athlete in the comfort of your living room.

OK, you can PRETEND to be an Olympic athlete. But it’s the Wii, so you can sort of get up and move around. A little bit. There are non-Wii games as well for those of you who don’t like to move AT ALL.

  • Deca Sports (Wii, $19.99) — this is the game that has Wii Curling. Yes. Wii Curling. Here is video proof. Warning: the first one might not be 100% safe for work, since it features a guy playing Wii Curling, making a frenetic movement with his hands near his crotch area, and shouting “HARD!” Then again, that’s what they shout during real-life Curling. The second video is just game play stuff.

  • Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Wii, $39.99; DS, $33.99) — this title has been advertised heavily on NBC during the 2010 Vancouver games, which is smart, because now I suddenly want it. Although even my wife has said that we may need to buy Deca Sports just to try out Wii Curling. How the heck does it even work? So the best marketing is to make a game based on a weird Olympic event.

Shaun White won Gold, but he was already the king of the snowboarding video game. Available for all platforms, and Wii players can get a Snowboard for the Wii Fit Balance Board.

Jul 11 2009

Lego Battles for Nintendo DS

Lego Battles for Nintendo DSThe various Lego video games have a very mixed track record.

Lego Star Wars is excellent, and was a success on multiple platforms. We own it for PS2 and DS, and my son has played it on the Wii as well. (He asked for a Wii copy but I said no. Two versions of the same game is enough. Really.)

Lego Batman is so-so. Not great, not terrible.

Lego Indiana Jones seems to have been a big ol’ flopperoo. Haven’t played it but on my own personal “kids my kid knows meter” it rates a zero. I may be completely wrong about this, because they have announced a Lego Indiana Jones 2. Still, I don’t know of a single person who plays this game. Not that I know everyone. But I know a lot of people. (Aside: the Indiana Jones Wii game where you get to use the Wii Remote as a whip has potential. Although this Gamespot review says otherwise.)

So Lego Battles for Nintendo DS could be a hit. Or it could be a steaming pile of monkey poop. As the great Kent Brockman would say, only time will tell. Well, time, and my son deciding that he must have this game.

Here’s the trailer for Lego Battles: Read more »

Aug 12 2008

USB Missile Launcher Hack

Step 1 – get a USB Missile Launcher

Step 2 – Hack it so it targets IR devices

Step 3 – ATTACK!!!!!

(Engadget, who got it from instructables.com)