Aug 30 2019

What is a fantast? Depends who you ask

Today’s word of the day is fantast. Which spell check does not think is a word but the Internet does.

I was trying to type “” and typed “fantast”. The definitions intrigue me. says a fantast (or phantast) is “a visionary or dreamer.”

Merriam Webster says:

2 : a fantastic or eccentric person

TheFreeDictionary says “someone who predicts the future” (if you scroll down).

Not bad for a word I didn’t know was a word.

Jan 13 2010

Word of the Day – gendertard

Via katilette’s Twitter:

Woot! Had the ultra sound today! You guys wanna know what gendertard we are going to have?

Never heard that one before — gendertard.

Twitter / katilette: Woot! Had the ultra sound ….